MET 30+ Universal 3f/hf

Metal Detector

  • Operates at three crystal tuned frequencies  
  • 875Khz, 286Khz and 100Khz 
  • Automatic Frequency Selection
  • Balance Control Circuit
  • Easy to use menu structure
  • Available with Tuchscreen or Membrane keypad display
  • Lock's ADC software - standard with Touchscreen display
  • Data management systems available with all detectors
  • Enhanced Process Control


Lock has built upon the reliability and sensitivity of its MET 30+ to design a metal detector that meets the ever demanding need of the industries, to utilise the detector with a variety of products, the innovative 3f/hf Universal works at three crystal tuned frequencies and is capable of automatically selecting the optimum frequency.

For example, when inspecting dry biscuits the detector will automatically select high frequency, wheras for a product wrapped in metallised film it will operate at a low frequency. The user can rest assured that the detector's microprocessors will optimise the settings - whatever the product or packaging.

This ensures the most advanced detection technology available in the market today to ensure the best protection against contamination within all food products and versatility within the production line.

The MET 30+ Universal 3f/hf is available with either a touchscreen or membrane keypad.


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